Getting Started

Hello world and all who inhabit it! For all of you who are curious, my name is Megan, and this blog will help motivate me to get off my butt and into the world of fitness and food. I’ve loved food and hated most forms of exercise my entire life, except for those times when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and scurry off to do hours (ok 30 minutes) of cardio in order to feel better about myself. Well, for the last 3 years I have classified myself as “skinny fat”. The annoying body composition that allows your friends, parents, and significant others to sigh and throw their hands up in the air as they exclaim for the 1000th time (possibly that day) that you are not fat. Yet, this classification does not permit you, at least me, to don bodycon dresses, skintight shirts, or any other stomach revealing attire for fear of unsightly stomach rolls. The inevitable freshman 15 crept up on me, and before long I was realizing I couldn’t blame the tightening of all my shorts on the crappy college dorm laundry machines anymore. Luckily, I discovered YouTube channels featuring muscular, happy, inspirational girls who had changed their body shape and lifestyle through lifting weights and clean eating. I gave an inner leap of joy, since I was lying in my tiny single bed at the time, and thought of all the booty gains, crop tops, and free drinks that would be in my future if I started living this lifestyle. No more cardio for me, thanks! There was just one problem though…

The gym at my college is in a whole separate room from the rest of the open air gym, which makes it a scary chamber where if you walk past you can see all the rugged and not so rugged lower and upper class men grunting and flexing in the mirrors. It was a realm my friends and I did not want to face without the help of a guy friend (not to say women need a man to enter the weight room, but it definitely helps with the intimidation factor for beginners). One drunken night, however, I discovered an acquaintance of mine was a bodybuilder, and promptly cheered and enthusiastically hugged him quite roughly as I tripped over nothing due to the alcohol. Over the next month or two, he kicked my ass and my other fitness minded friends one tough but motivating workout at a time. I enjoyed being able to see the changes in my body, and the ability to fit into my old clothes more comfortably. I realized that this was something I could do seriously and without hating it, so I made it my mission to continue with this during the summer.

well…that didn’t last long. With the addition of a new waitress job, and the subsequent stress that came along with that, I forgot about working out and eating healthy, and began to feast on Whataburger and Aleve whenever I was done with a shift. I slowly began to notice I felt and looked worse mentally and physically soon after I adopted this quick and lazy diet and non-exercise regime. This was not what I wanted for myself this summer, and I started to brainstorm ways to get myself motivated and inspired to workout and eat well. This is how I have ended up here, dear Readers, and with this blog I intend to document my fitness journey for y’all (I’m from Texas, by the way) and also share some recipes and stuff I like to eat that is not too bad on the waistline. Look out for my next post and thank you!

Bonsoir, mes amies.


3 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. I love you blog. I am a foodie too and 2 years ago I lost the weight that needed to and I have been able to keep the weight off. People always ask me how to keep it off and still enjoy food. Here are few tips, stick to your exercise and nutrition goals but also don’t pressure yourself into being a hardcore health nut and you will reach your goals and stay fit. Hope this inspires you to keep going.

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