Gym Creeps Rant and A Leg Workout from Hell

Can I ask you a question my dear readers?? How many of you have gone to the gym, and noticed a certain something amiss in the air as you work those muscles and jam to your “pump up” playlist? Does this certain something make you feel icky, uncomfortable, violated, or like you forgot to put on pants as you walked out of the house? Oh yes! It’s the stare of the gym creeper(s)!gym creep

To me, this is the most annoying and cringe inducing part of getting my butt to the gym. What really infuriates me is the constant eye assault has made it so it takes a herculean effort on my part to actually get out of the house and in my car, because I know once I stride through the doors that lead to my own personal place of therapy, stress relief, and healthy physical exertion some form of male attention will follow me everywhere.

Please don’t take this as me fake complaining or trying to show off by saying, “oh! it’s oh so bothersome that men find me attractive. Woe is me”. I truly do find it confusing, excruciating, and a hindrance to my focus when I am working out. I find it confusing, because I’m constantly wondering why they continue to stare or glance at me every now and then. “Is my form off? Do I smell? Is my tampon string hanging out? Are they wondering why I dared leave the house looking like this?” I just don’t see how my aforementioned gym attire would “bring all the boys to the yard” so to speak. Perhaps all that talk of pheromones and attraction working together is true! Even so, I go to the gym to improve myself, my body, my mind, and not to lure men into my spiderweb of seduction. If I wanted to do that, I would be wearing a sports bra, booty shorts, and a face full of smokey eye. Alas, I don’t do this, so please, I beg of the patrons at my gym, consider my greasy hair, resting bitch face, lack of sultry eye contact, and kindly leave me be. I appreciate the fact that you find me attractive (I’m guessing), but talk to me or eye fuck me at some other time.

I’m sure men also suffer from this, or so I’ve heard, but it’s more from other men who are trying to judge and compare their own strength and rep ability. Not that there couldn’t be occurrences of female creeping, but I haven’t witness it, or read as much about it as the silent dick swinging contests.

So, if you have suffered from this travesty, then here is my advice. Get a good pair of headphones. Blast that music. Don’t look around when you’re resting after a set. If you sense a creeper staring or following you around, don’t make eye contact or talk to a person who works at the gym about the problem, if you do not feel comfortable confronting them yourself. Don’t do “scandalous” exercises in full view of the weight room mirror, because this will increase your risk of gaining unwanted attention.

If you have any more tips, rants, or stories about this gym epidemic then comment down below!

And now here is my leg workout from today:

4×12 barbell deadlifts

4×12 quad extensions 60 lbs.

4×12 glute kickbacks 15 lbs.

4×12 leg press 135 lbs.

4×12 hip abductors 135 lbs.

4×12 sumo squats holding a 10 lb. dumbbell

superset ^ with 4×12 bodyweight squats

* a superset is when you do a set of one exercise immediately followed by a set of a different exercise, then take a break, and continue for how many sets you want to do.

I was sweating bullets after this workout, and here’s a beautiful picture to prove it.

who wouldn't want this?
who wouldn’t want this?

And also a butt progress picture! IMG_5531

Bonsoir mes amies!


2 thoughts on “Gym Creeps Rant and A Leg Workout from Hell

  1. Funny. If I manage to work out its to get out of my own head, but my form must be off terribly. I don’t get stares, I get offers for help to get it right – no thanks – if I die trying I will be blissfully alone thank you.


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