A Yummy, Healthy Banana and Peanut Butter Faux Ice Cream Recipe

I adore ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Blue Bell, frozen yogurt, sorbet, etc. If I could eat ice cream all the time without any consequences, I would. Sadly, ice cream is not the type of food you want to be consuming on the reg, so ice cream and I share a star crossed, forbidden love.  Whenever I open that freezer door after traversing stairs, weights, ellipticals, and the urgent cries of my logical brain urging me to “don’t do it! Think of all the progress you’ve made!”, the cry of angels and heavenly glow of my lost love are too much to resist. I love ice cream, and I shall not give her up for anything!! And you shouldn’t have too either!

Forget those people who judge you if you so much as look or dare to enjoy ice cream, if they know that you’re currently trying to lose weight, gain muscle, flexibility, or whatever your body goal may be. No matter what “The Biggest Loser” tries to brainwash you with, one cup of ice cream is not going to magically take away all the progress you’ve made over any period of time. Now, one cup of ice cream that leads into falling off the wagon and binging on copious amounts of bad food will be detrimental. And the easiest way to get to the point where you can’t have just one bite of chocolate, one bowl of ice cream, or one brownie is to deprive yourself of what some people call “good for your soul foods”. When I had an eating disorder, I literally could not comprehend how people could have just one Hershey’s kiss and a couple snickers out of the family Halloween candy bowl, because I was living in a reality where one taste of the good stuff would send me over the edge into a feeding frenzy which would end with guilt and my head in the toilet. Since I have come out of that dark place in my life, I have slowly learned that, yes, moderation is key as obvious as that sounds, but it can be hard to remember in a world where clean eating and strict discipline are considered admiration-worthy habits. I don’t know about you, but I would rather work hard for my body, eat relatively well, and be able to have cake at a party without feeling like a flabby failure. It’s such a better headspace for success, and you won’t crave sweets or chips as much because you know you can have them whenever you want.

So, if you’re ever feeling like you want some ice cream, but you find that your taste buds are yearning for something a little healthier tasting than Ben and Jerry’s, then here’s a recipe for you! This is not my own creation, by the way, but it’s Cassey Ho’s from Blogilates who is quite popular on YouTube and in the mainstream as well. I love this recipe because it’s so simple and yummy, and I wanted to share her genius with all of you!

What you need: 1-2 bananas, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, blender or food processor, container that you can put in the freezer

Directions: mash the bananas and peanut butter in a food processor (or a spoon or fork if you don’t have a food processor like me) and put the mixture into a container. You can even sprinkle a little protein powder in there if you want, which is what I did and you can’t even taste it. Leave it in the fridge for about two hours and then enjoy!

I ate mine out of the container, so it doesn’t look quite as Instagram ready, but it tastes just as good all the same!

the ingredients
the ingredients

I hope you try it out and enjoy!

Bonsoir mes amies

almost there....
almost there….
the finished product!
the finished product!

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