A Body Update

I took three days off from the gym this week because I had my sister’s birthday, family events, and I plain just didn’t feel like going. Not going to sugarcoat or play it off because I want to be honest with y’all! Even though I didn’t go put myself through rigorous physical activity, I managed to eat well and not go overboard with the calories, since I knew I wouldn’t be burning extra due to my lounging on the couch all day.

Those three days got me pumped to go back today, however, and I had a great workout! Seriously, it took me more time to run out of energy, and I was able to lift a little heavier, or at least longer without getting fatigued. So, if you’re ever experiencing a day where the thought of hearing the grunts, moans, and primal yells emanating from the weight room makes you want to hurl or go into a rage fit, then take the day off! Maybe mix up your routine by taking a walk, playing a sport with friends, or going on a bike ride. Also, you could just be a couch potato. No one will suspect a thing…don’t burn yourself out too soon, or you’ll never want to go back for a long time, and that’s no good!

Okay, I’m done with that tangent now, and it’s time for the pictures! *Cue applause and suspenseful music*

And here they are! Please keep in mind, I’m still working towards my goal, and I’m not a fitness model. I’m sure proud of myself though, even if there hasn’t been enough time to truly see that much difference. Hope y’all enjoy!

Bonsoir mes amies!

side view
side view

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