A Few New Leg Exercises

This won’t be long, because I just wanted to update y’all on a few new leg exercises I’ve been doing that aren’t that difficult, but you feel the burn nonetheless!

  1. glute kickback
  2. hamstring leg curl with stability ball
  3. curtsy lunge with barbell 1103-stability-ball-hamstring-curl

curtsy lungeglute exercise1. The glute kicback isn’t that unconventional of an exercise, but the way your upper body is positioned can make a difference in the benefit you get from doing it. If you do the motion with your body positioned as the picture shows, then you get a better range of motion and it better targets the glute muscle. Another way you can make this exercise more advanced is to place a dumbbell within the crook of your knee to add weight.

2. The hamstring curl with a stability ball is a great bodyweight exercise, but don’t doubt the usefulness of it. Even though it may look easy, after about 8 or so reps my muscles are burning more than after I do Romanian deadlifts, which is another effective hamstring exercise, but it requires weights. Be sure to do more reps than you would if you had weights, because a bodyweight exercise requires more effort to reap the benefits.

3. The curtsy lunge is just like a regular one except, well, it’s like doing a curtsy! You do a reverse lunge, but you place your foot diagonal to you instead of straight back. It targets different muscles, and you can up the intensity by adding a barbell across your back, even though holding two dumbbells would work just as well. I found that the barbell added stability, but that may not be the case for everyone. I did about 3 sets of 30 reps each. I wanted to lay on the floor for a long time afterward..

Bonsoir  mes amies!

I hope y’all enjoyed and will go try these out when you can! Let me know how they work for you!


3 thoughts on “A Few New Leg Exercises

  1. Have you tried wall sits? They don’t look as effective since they’re static exercises, but if you do 4 sets of 60 seconds, your legs will be shaking like jello for sure, haha, my new favourite leg exercise these past few weeks!


    1. I’ve tried them once or twice in the past, and I know I should do them again! They’re just so exhausting haha
      I’m gonna push myself to do them since you suggested it though!


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