A Body Update

I took three days off from the gym this week because I had my sister’s birthday, family events, and I plain just didn’t feel like going. Not going to sugarcoat or play it off because I want to be honest with y’all! Even though I didn’t go put myself through rigorous physical activity, I managed … More A Body Update

My Workout Split

Hey Y’all! So, I finally got around to creating a workout schedule that I will follow each week, instead of just playing it by what body part I feel like working out that day. Now, I suspect that some people can get away with this and be fine, but it seems to me that all … More My Workout Split

A Lesson in Humidity

Some things I learned while traipsing through Herman Park in Houston…during June…from 10-12 in the morning… you will sweat more than you could have imagined from just a light stroll. you will encounter homeless people who will mildly creep you out and induce guilt. you will awkwardly have to say “No, I would not like … More A Lesson in Humidity