My Workout Split

Hey Y’all! So, I finally got around to creating a workout schedule that I will follow each week, instead of just playing it by what body part I feel like working out that day. Now, I suspect that some people can get away with this and be fine, but it seems to me that all … More My Workout Split


I just created an instagram related to this account, so y’all can follow me there as well! It’s linked in the sidebar, or you can just go to instagram and type in the name of this blog. I’m excited so get excited as well! Now you can see all of my glorious progress pics, etc. … More Announcement!

A Lesson in Humidity

Some things I learned while traipsing through Herman Park in Houston…during June…from 10-12 in the morning… you will sweat more than you could have imagined from just a light stroll. you will encounter homeless people who will mildly creep you out and induce guilt. you will awkwardly have to say “No, I would not like … More A Lesson in Humidity